Sunday, 17 June 2012

On a clear starry night with a pair of binoculars

So  many  limits!
If  we  could  only  SEE........!!
Oh  the  things,
the  sights, the  sounds,
the  smells, the  feelings.....
And  why  only  these  senses?
What  if  we  had  other  senses  too?
Ones  my  tiny  imagination
dares  not  even  hope  for,
cannot  even  formulate....
the  limits, Lord,
the  LIMITS!
I  cannot  comprehend
the  vastness  of  our  galaxy,
(Or  even  our  planet
for  that  matter)
 let  alone  any  other  galaxies
and  universe  that  might  exist.
There’s  just  so  much, Lord,
and  my  knowledge  is  so  puny
by  comparison
that  it’s  less  than  the  tiniest
thing  I  can imagine.

How  can  I  ever  hope
to  understand  You,
to  know  You,
to  try  to  put  You  in  a  little  box  labelled  
“Everything  there  is  to  know  about  God”?
How  can  I  ever  hope
to  know  the  heights,
the  depths, the  width,
the  dimensions  of  You, Lord,
when  I  can’t  even  comprehend
one  tiny  universe
of  many  that  You  have  made?

You  are  beyond  me, Lord,
in  Your  vastness,
Yet  You  are  within  me
in  Your  tinyness.
From  the  hugestness  I  can  imagine
to  the  tiniest, microscopicness
I  can  imagine,
Lord  You  are  there.

I  am  speechless  before  You.

5th  August  1986

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